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Franck Condon - Purity Hall - CD-R - Ltd 50 Hand Screen Print - inc. Download

Image of Franck Condon - Purity Hall - CD-R - Ltd 50 Hand Screen Print - inc. Download


The Artist:
Wim Dehaen AKA Franck Condon is a sound artist originally from Leuven, Belgium currently residing in Olomouc, Czech Republic. His work focuses on musical application of mathematical techniques and visual representation of sound. In particular, frequency domain manipulations of sound are used extensively.

Previous work includes installation art at Ithaka XX festival and various live performances. Together with Geert Simonis, he is a founding member of art collective Collectief Tactique Triste and cassette imprint Vloekbandjes. Currently, he is involved in doctoral studies concerning combinatorial and organic chemistry.

The Music:
Whilst obtaining my master’s degree in chemistry, I took a semester of theoretical courses. The concepts taught influenced me to make one track about each course. Every track is named after a part of the course that was particularly stimulating to my imagination.

The tracks were based on the topics between parentheses.

Purity Hall (polymer chemistry & physics)
Kristalveld (advanced inorganic chemistry)
Deceptive Simplicity (advanced NMR spectroscopy)
Umpolung (advanced organic chemistry)
Equilibrium Unfolding (nanostructured biomacromolecules)

The sounds were created by intensive spectral processing of varied sound sources. In particular, multiplication in the frequency domain (convolution) was prominently used.

The Release:
This release is available in limited edition 50 x CDr using high quality water resistant discs. The covers are screen printed by hand on recycled card. The release will also be available to download in the usual places.